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Kolkata Fatafat Result is a popular lottery which is a numbers-based game in West Bengal. As its name suggests, the headquarter of this game is located in Kolkata. This game is played all over the state and this game is popular all over the country. Every day lakhs of people participate in this game and many of them also make a good income from this lottery. Today’s result of Kolkata Fatafat Result has been released. Those who have participated in the lottery can easily check their lottery result from here. You will get complete details of Kolkata Fatafat Result 17/06/2023 here.

Kolkata Fatafat Result Today has been released on 17.06.2022. The candidates who had participated in it can check the lottery result. The lottery result has been released on its official website. You can check the winners list by scrolling down this post. Hope your name is also included in the winner list, All The Best. Click here to check live result

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Kolkata Fatafat Result

As you all would know that some lottery or Satta is going on in all the states of the country. Many people easily win a huge amount through the lottery. Kolkata Fatafat Lottery is quite popular all over the state. The popularity of this lottery is so high that people from other states also participate in it. People have to buy a ticket to participate in this lottery. After this, a random number is picked by the organizer. The candidates whose lottery ticket numbers match with the numbers picked or guessed by the organizer are selected as the winners of the lottery.

Under Kolkata Fatafat, a good amount is given to the winner. Many people become lakhpati overnight by winning this lottery and many people have to face defeat too. The winner is given the winning prize as decided by the Organizer. This game is played by lakhs of people of the state. In this game, people put their money at stake and win a huge amount once they win. People can play the game eight times a day from Monday to Saturday and four times on Sunday.

Kolkata Fatafat Result
Kolkata Fatafat Result

Kolkata Fatafat Result 17.06.2023 Overview

Result has been released. Here you can easily check live results. This webpage is the perfect place for candidates who want to check live results. From here you can easily check live results.

Article NameKolkata Fatafat Result
Result Release Date17 June 2022
Result TimeMorning & Evening
Official Websitehttps://www.kolkataff.com
Last UpdatedRecently

Kolkata fatafat result kolkata fatafat

As you all know that Kolkata FF lottery is popular all over the state of West Bengal. One has to be physically present to play the game. If you are from any other district of the state then you have to be present in Kolkata to play the lottery. People who live in Kolkata do not miss this lottery. Because after winning it, a big amount is given to the winner. The lottery result is released several times daily and candidates can easily check the list of winners by visiting its official website. If you also want to check result then you are on the right webpage. Below you can easily check today’s live result.

Kolkata fatafat result kolkata fatafat Today 17 June 2023

Candidates who want to check Kolkata Fatafat Today Result can check here. Below you will be seeing Kolkata FF Live Result. The result is updated from time to time to provide accurate data to its readers. Here is the Kolkata Fatafat Result of 14.06.2023

Old Koltaka Fatafat Results

If you want to check Kolkata Fatafat Old Result then see the below tables to check date-wise Kolkata FF Results.

First Bazi10:03 AM345
Second Bazi11:33 AM488
Third Bazi01:03 PM367
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM126
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM266
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM 456
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM468
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM Available Soon


First Bazi10:03 AM345
Second Bazi11:33 AM255
Third Bazi01:03 PM389
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM569
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM999
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM388
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM145
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM277


First Bazi10:03 AM579
Second Bazi11:33 AM580
Third Bazi01:03 PM188
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM459
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM367
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM149
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM680
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM470


First Bazi10:03 AM700
Second Bazi11:33 AM258
Third Bazi01:03 PM668
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM125


First Bazi10:03 AM136
Second Bazi11:33 AM124
Third Bazi01:03 PM459
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM147
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM678
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM345
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM579
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM468


First Bazi10:03 AM469
Second Bazi11:33 AM288
Third Bazi01:03 PM230
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM448
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM460
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM269
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM245
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM148

Old Results

Kolkata FF Result 25.07.2022

First Bazi10:03 AM238 3
Second Bazi11:33 AM488 0
Third Bazi01:03 PM458 7
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM249 5
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM290 1
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM250 7
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM267 5
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM360 9

Kolkata FF 23.06.2022

First Bazi10:03 AM227 1
Second Bazi11:33 AM358 6
Third Bazi01:03 PM128 1
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM380 1
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM799 5
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM269 7
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM499 2
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM668 0


First Bazi10:03 AM678 1
Second Bazi11:33 AM133 7
Third Bazi01:03 PM289 9
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM569 0
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM170 8
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM355 3
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM147 2
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM178 6

Kolkata FF result 21/06/2022

First Bazi10:03 AM578 0
Second Bazi11:33 AM269 7
Third Bazi01:03 PM259 6
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM577 9
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM158 4
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM137 1
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM256 3
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM138 2


First Bazi10:03 AM279 8
Second Bazi11:33 AM559 9
Third Bazi01:03 PM268 6
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM167 4


First Bazi10:03 AM115 7
Second Bazi11:33 AM689 3
Third Bazi01:03 PM146 1
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM260 8
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM236 1
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM390 2
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM700 7
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM256 3


First Bazi10:03 AM138 2
Second Bazi11:33 AM449 7
Third Bazi01:03 PM179 7
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM225 9
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM467 7
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM799 5
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM455 4
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM460 0

Kolkata FF result 17/06/2022

First Bazi10:03 AM229 3
Second Bazi11:33 AM348 5
Third Bazi01:03 PM258 5
Fourth Bazi02:33 PM448 6
Fifth Bazi04:03 PM146 1
Sixth Bazi05:33 PM234 9
Seventh Bazi07:03 PM667 9
Eighth Bazi08:33 PM357 5

Check Your Lucky Number

Kolkata Fatafat Result Kolkata Fatafat

If you have reached this webpage by searching Fatakat Result on Google, then you have reached the right place. We keep updating this page from time to time so that we can show the exact results to our visitors. Readers are advised to bookmark this page so that whenever you want to check the lottery result you can easily check it. If you have any problem related to the result then you can ask us in the comment section.

Result Time Table

Those who are already playing this game, then they will know about its time table. But many new people will not know about it. That’s why we are telling its time table below. You can play this game eight times a day from Monday to Saturday and you can play it 4 times on Sunday. Those who want to play the game have to be physically present in Kolkata. The result of the game is released daily. It does not take much time to declare the result. You can view the list of winners from your mobile or laptop as soon as the result is declared. Below we are telling you the game round time table.

First Round (1st)10:03 AM
Second Round (2nd)11:33 AM
Third Round (3rd)01:03 PM
Fourth Round (4th)02:33 PM
Fifth Round (5th)04:03 PM
Sixth Round (6th)05:33 PM

According to the timings given above, you can check the lottery result. Kolkata FF Result is released daily according to the above mentioned time. You can check the result from this web page. Also, further we are going to tell you the step wise process to check the live result. By following which you will be able to check your result easily.

Prize Money

As you all know that many people become millionaires overnight after winning the lottery. In such a situation, the question in the mind of many people will definitely be that how much prize money will be received under this lottery? Below we are telling you about this. Under this, we are giving information from first prize to 5th prize. Before this, let us tell you that the rate of Fatafat Ticket for playing the lottery is 6 rupees. The rate of lottery tickets has been kept very low so that poor people can also play the lottery and if people lose the lottery then there is no sorrow. Since its price is as much as a cup of tea, people will not make much difference.

WinnerPrize Money
Kolkata FF Fist Prize₹ 1,00,00,000/- (One Crore)
Second Prize₹ 9,000/-
Third Prize₹ 500/-
Fourth Prize₹ 250/-
Fifth Prize₹ 122/-

Winning Amount Collect Process

Those who will be the winners of the lottery will have to go to their nearest lottery office. They will also have to carry some valid documents along with them to verify the lottery ticket and proof. After that, you will be given the winning prize. If you win a big amount, you can also deduct tax. The winner will get the prize money after visiting any nearest lottery office in Kolkata. If you have been facing any kind of problem related to this, then you can contact its official team. You can send your problem to kolkatakolkataff1@gmail.com.

How to Check Kolkata Fatafat Result?

Those who want to invest in lottery have to invest at least half an hour before the result declaration. The release of lottery results does not take much time, as all the systems have been digitized now. Those who have invested in Kolkata FF can check the winning list, numbers and their numbers online. This result is uploaded on daily basis only. We are telling you some easy steps below, by following which you can easily check the lottery result.

  • For this, first you have to go to the official website of Kolkata Fafatat Lottery. i.e https://www.kolkataff.com/
  • After this, the homepage of the website will appear in front of you.
  • On the homepage, you have to click on the option “Fatafat Today Result” at the top menu.
  • Now the list of all the winners will come in front of you.
  • You can also easily check the old result from here.

You can easily see the list of winners by following the above-mentioned steps. The list will contain the number of lottery tickets of the winner. If the number of your ticket is on the winning list then you will also be the winner of the game.

Kolkata FataFat ফাতাফত Result Live

Kolkata FF is one of the biggest and most played satta game in the country. This game is played with complete honesty. That is why not only in kolkata but people in many other states also like to play it. To play this game one has to be physically present in Kolkata. This game is considered illegal in many states but still, have to play it and earn a predetermined reward. If you can guess the correct number to play this page you can win a huge amount.

On the contrary, if you do not guess the correct number then you may face a big loss. After investing money in this game, everyone gets curious about the result. In today’s time, you do not have to work hard to find the result, you can easily see the list of winners online.

Kolkata Fatafat Result Android App

In today’s time, everyone has the facility of mobile. Keeping this in mind, an official mobile app has been launched. People will be able to check live result by installing this app on their mobile. People who do not have a computer or laptop may face trouble in opening the site from mobile sometimes. Also, the mobile app can be very useful for people who have little knowledge of using the internet. Follow the steps given below to install this app.

  • For this first go to playstore.
  • Here you have to search for “Kolkata FF – Kolkata Fatafat Result“.
  • After this, you will start seeing the official app at the top itself.
  • Click on “Install” button to install the app.
  • After this, the app will be installed on your phone.
Kolkata Fatafat Result App
Kolkata Fatafat Result App

FAQs on Kolkata fatafat result kolkata fatafat 14.06.2022

Is Kolkata fatafat result a legal game?

The game is legal in some states like Kerala, where people can play it freely. But in some states, it has not yet been given a legal right.

How to check Kolkata Fatafat Result 17.06.2023 Online?

If you want to check Kolkata fatafat result live then you are on the right web page. Click here to check live result.

What is the timing of Kolkata Fatafat Result?

The result is released by the organization from time to time every day. Its result is released at the following time.
Bazi 1 ➜ 10:00 AM
Bazi 2 ➜ 11:30 AM
Bazi 3 ➜ 01:00 PM
Bazi 4 ➜ 02:30 PM
Bazi 5 ➜ 04:00 PM
Bazi 6 ➜ 05:30 PM
Bazi 7 ➜ 07:00 PM
Bazi 8 ➜ 08:30 PM

How to buy lottery ticket?

Its dealers are present in different areas of Kolkata city. You can easily buy your lottery ticket from dealers. For this, we are telling you the list of all dealers below.
West Bengal State Lottery.
P. Lucky Lottery Agency Zirakpur Buy Online Dear Daily Lottery.
Lottery Sambad Publications Pvt Ltd.
Mahalaxmi Distributors.
Prabhu Jishu Lottery Centre
Lottery Kali Bari.
Bikash Lottery Center.
Vira Agency.

What is the rate of a lottery ticket?

Earlier the rate of lottery tickets was slightly higher but now it has been reduced. Now the price of Kolkata FF ticket is only Rs.6. This rate has been kept low so that even poor people can win a good amount by playing the lottery.

How to contact the official team of Kolkata Fatafat Result?

If you have any kind of problem-related to this, you can send your problem to its official email. Its email id is kolkataff1@gmail.com.

Kolkata Fatafat ResultKolkata Fatafat Result Today
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